Build word challenge instructions

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Object of the Game
The object of the game is to build words on the play line, an imaginary line between players.  Game can be played with two players/teams.  Game is played at level 2 or 4.

The Deal
Each player/team is dealt cards until all cards have been dealt.

For the first play, each player/team puts a card face up on the play line.  The player playing the lowest letter gets to play next, and the turns alternate thereafter.  Player draws their top card and determines if they can finish building a word, continue a word by adding their card to partially built word or start aword by adding their card to a letter on the play line.  When starting a new word, you may add a card under any single card on the play line, or you may move a single card down and put your card on the play line.  If player has no play, they put their card on the play line and play continues with the next player.  Play continues until all cards have been played.
NOTE-During players turn they may steal any SINGLE card(s) on the play line to CONTINUE or FINISH a word, but not to start a new word.
NOTE-During players turn they may make a new word from a word they already have.  Example: They have the word ‘LAP’ and they draw a ‘C’, they could pull the word ‘LAP’ down and put the ‘C’ on the play line making ‘CLAP’.
NOTE-During players turn they may steal a word or partial word from the opponent.  Example: The opponent has the word ‘CAR’.  Player could pull ‘CAR’ down and add a ‘K’ making the word ‘RACK’.  When doing this, a valid word must be made during that turn.

Remove all single cards and partially build words from the play line. Then, each player collects their words (words spelled out facing them), and counts their cards.

Game ends
Game ends when player or team reaches 100 points making them the WINNER.

​Note - Standard game of War could be played with BWC cards using standard rules.