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Spoons is a fast moving game which is more fun when played with four or more players.  It is played at level 3.

Object of the Game
Unlike most games which you try to be the winner, here you try not to be the loser.  Before starting play, you must decide if you want to play a long game or a short game, and decide on a name for the loser.  For instance, for a short game the loser name might be APE, for a longer game MONKEY and for an even longer game, CHIMPANZE.   You may use any name you like to set the length of the game.  A short loser name with many players could still turn into a long game.

Once you have decided on the length of the game, you must decide on the degree of difficulty.  During play, each player will be building a word of their choice, of a certain length.  For an Easy game, each player would be required to build a three letter word, and for harder game(s) you might require four or higher letter words.  You might make the degree of difficulty progressive by playing the first hand requiring three letter words, second hand requiring four letter words etc.

The Deal
Everyone draws a card, and the player with the Low cards deals.  Depending on the degree of difficulty decided on, the dealer deals those number of cards to each player face down.  The remainder of the deck is placed face down in front of the dealer.  In the middle of the table, accessible to every player, place a spoon for each player MINUS one.

The dealer gives everyone a few seconds to look at their cards and then the fun begins.The dealer now draws a card from the deck and decides if it will help their hand.  If it won’t help they pass it to the player on their right and then draws next card.   If it will help they put it in their hand and pass one other card from their hand to the player on their right and draws next card.   If deck is gone and no player has built a word yet, shuffle and reuse the unwanted cards, and continue play.

As each player receives a card, they go through the same decision making, and pass a card to the player on their right.  Last player before dealer just stacks unwanted cards.

Once a player builds a word, they DISCRETELY take a spoon from the middle of the table, and keep playing.   At some point after a spoon goes missing it will be noticed by other player(s) and they must get a spoon.  The player not getting a spoon will get a letter building the loser name.  

Note-Player drawing the first spoon must have a valid word or they get the letter, not the player without a spoon.   If there is no loser yet, deal is passed to next player, and play resumes.

Game Ends
​The game ends once a player has spelled out the loser name. 

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