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BWC seven has two versions, a regular and a progressive.  

Object of the Game
Getting highest score by building words.  Suggested level of play is level 4.

Deal three cards to each player for regular version.   For progressive version, first dealer deals 1, second dealer deals 2 etc.  The remainder of cards are used for draw pile.

Each player in turn, starting with player to left of dealer, can lay down one word from their cards, if they can.  Note-When playing the progressive version, the first word played must have at least the number of letters as the hand being played (second hand-first word must have and least 2 letters, fifth hand-first word must have at least 5 letters etc.).   If player empties their hand when they played their word, the hand ends.  Otherwise, player draws a card and play continues with next player.  There is no discarding.

Hand ends
Hand ends once the draw file is depleted or a player lays down a word which empties their hand.  Once the hand ends, each player gets to play any word(s) of any length (including 1 and 2 letters).  

Add value of cards in word(s) played.Subtract value of cards still in hand.

Game ends
Game ends once seven hands have been played and winner is player with highest score.

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