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BWC scrabble is usually played at level 4, and is best played with 2 to 6 players.  Unless you have a very large table, the board for BWC scrabble is the floor.  If you elect to play at level 2, you will end up playing four different scrabble games at once.  One game would be black, one blue, one red and one green.  Two letter words are allowed once the draw pile is gone or when a play creates multiple words.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to accrue the most points, by building words, of all the players.

Who plays first?
The cards are shuffled and spread out so players can pick a card.  Each player picks a card and player picking the lowest card is first to play and the others follow in the order of their cards drawn.   Each player in turn draws six more cards to make their playing hand of seven cards.

The Play
Each player in turn has the options of playing a word, passing or exchanging card(s), and can only do one of these things on their turn.

The first word played is pretty straight forward, just play a word.  

However, the following player(s) have many more options.They can
    1 - Add a prefix to a word (bound – rebound).                  
   2 - Add a suffix to a word (harm – harmless).               
   3 - Make a word plural (hat – hats).                  
   4 - Make a new word of a word (hat – what or the - them).                        
   5 – Overlay a letter in a word making a new word as long as it doesn’t affect other  words (can – tan).   
   6 - Use a letter in a word to make a word.

​Note – Any letter touching another letter must make a valid word up and down and/or across.
Note – Word may be placed spelling it forward, backwards, up or down.

​After playing a word, player draws card(s) from pile getting back to seven cards, or until draw pile depleted if not enough cards left to get back to seven cards.  Player also adds the value of word(s) played to their score.   Note – If a seven letter word is played, the player gets the value of all the letters in the word or 100, whichever is greater. 

Player “passing” is skipped and their score does not change.

Player “exchanging card(s)” is skipped and their score does not change.  One to all cards may be exchanged.

Play continues until a player has used all their cards or when the draw pile is depleted and all players have passed twice.

If game is ending because a player has used all their cards, all remaining players get one more turn after which they give their remaining cards to player who used all their cards causing end of game.  Once all the remaining players have had their one more turn, the player who received the leftover cards gets to add the value of all those cards to their score as a bonus.

If game is ending because all players have passed twice, each player subtracts the value of their remaining cards from their score.

​The WINNER is the player with the highest score.

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