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BWC – Rack-O

The game is for any age as long as they know their alphabet.  You could play the game by holding cards in hand, but it is soooo much easier if you have a rack.  You could make a rack using a 3” by 6” by one inch thick pick of Styrofoam.  Simple put 10 cuts ½ inch apart to hold the cards.  Dad could also make one from some scrap wood. 

Object of the Game
Getting your cards in alphabetical order, or make a four or more letter word, before other players. Suggested level of play is levels 1 or 3.

Deal each player 10 cards.   The remainder of the cards are placed in middle for a draw pile.  The top card from the draw pile is placed face up to start a discard pile.  The cards are kept in order as dealt.  If using a rack, place cards in rack back to front as dealt. 

Each player in turn, starting with player to left of dealer, can draw a card either from the draw pile or the discard pile.  If player draws from the discard pile, they must replace a card in their hand/rack with it and discard the replaced card.  If they draw from the draw pile, they may discard the card immediately or replace a card in their hand/rack and discard the replaced card.  Play then goes to next player.

Draw pile depleted
During play the draw pile is depleted before a player call Rack-O. First take last card discarded and start a new discard pile. Then take the rest of the discard pile and turn it face down creating a new draw pile, shuffle first if so inclined.

Hand ends
Hand ends once a player has their ten cards in ascending order, and call Rack-OOr, when a player creates a four or more letter word and calls Rack-O​.

Each player gets 5 points for each card in ascending order.  The playing calling Rack-O gets 75 points.  Sample hand scoring, player ends up with G H K M R O U V W Z.  Their score for the hand would be 25 because the O is not in ascending order.

Game ends
Game ends once a player reaches 500 points or whatever goal set before game began.

If you wanted to make it a little more challenging for a player to call Rack-O, you could add the following requirement.On the first hand player must have two consecutive letters, like CD or MN, before they can call Rack-O.  The consecutive letters requirement would increase by one for each hand played until there is a winner.

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