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Most poker games may be played using BWC cards.  Instead of using pairs, runs, sets etc. to determine winning hand, you use word(s).
Note – All poker games are usually played without the ‘star’ cards. 

BWC Poker hand rankings
Word made of one color outranks same word not made of one color.
Word ranking is determined alphabetically, with words starting with “A” being low, and words starting with “Z” being high. There is a special hand ranking when playing games involving seven cards.  All seven cards are in play if a six or seven letter word is made.  Then the rankings would be 7 letter word followed by 6 letter word followed by regular hand rankings. 

Regular hand rankings:
1.   5 letter word                                         
2.   4 letter word                                                  
3.   3 letter word and 2 letter word                                         
4.   3 letter word                                          
5.   2 two letter words                                         
6.   2 letter word                                         
7.   High letter

BWC Pai Gow 
BWC Pai Gow poker is normally a casino gambling game but may be enjoyed at home games or as a kind of solitaire.  The wager at the casino is usually secondary word is one half primary word, primary $1  and secondary $.50, as an example.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to build a primary and secondary word which beats the dealer.  The primary word must be at least a three letter word and must beat the secondary word.  The secondary word must be at least a two letter word.  Unbuilt word, primary and/or secondary is a loser.  If a player builds a six letter primary word, they are paid two times their total bet.  If player builds a seven letter primary word, they are paid four times their total bet. 

The Deal
Each player is dealt a seven card hand one player at a time.

Play starts with all players building their primary and secondary words. Secondary words often cannot be made and will be lost. After all players have built their hands, the dealer collects cards and wagers for all unbuilt primary and secondary words from each player and pays the player(s) with six and seven letter words, then builds their words.  

The player(s) words, primary-primary secondary-secondary, are matched against the dealer to determine winners.  A player may win/lose one/both words against the dealer/house.

​If playing as a solitaire game, just deal eight hands and put the leftover cards over one of the hands designating it at the dealer.  Then play all hands to see how the dealer does.  If you would like to see how well you played each hand, go to and enter the hands to see all the words that were possible for each hand.

Build word challenge instructions