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Pass the Deck is a BWC type of rummy and is usually played with 2 to 4 players.  If played with more players, two decks should be used to allow each player to receive a pass more than once.  Game is usually played at level 4, but may be played at other levels.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to build words to reach a target score first.

The Deal
Each player is dealt 7 cards.  The rest of the cards are laid face down creating the Deck (draw pile).  Play begins by dealer passing the deck to the player on their left.

When a player receives the deck it is their turn.  During their turn they are allowed one play.  A play is laying down a word, or modifying a word they previously played.  Modifying a word may be adding a prefix, or suffix or both.  Modifying a word may also mean making a completely different word, as long as the letters in the word being modified are still in the new word (example – word ‘wine’ could be modified making ‘winner’).  Once player makes their play, they draw cards from the top of the deck replacing cards used making their play, and Pass the Deck to the next player.  If there are not enough cards to replace cards played, player draws remaining cards then go to Deck depleted.   When it is a players turn and they have no play, without looking at cards, they draw three cards or cards remaining if less than three cards. They then replace card(s) drawn with card(s) from their hand by placing them on top of the draw pile face down and Pass the Deck.  On very rare occasions, no player can make a play when it is their turn.  When this happens, consider the deck depleted and go to Deck depleted.

Deck depleted
When the deck is depleted or considered depleted, each player in turn makes any plays they can and then tallies their score.

Add one for each letter in word(s) played that are less than seven letters.  Add 25 for each word that in seven or more letters long.  Subtract one for each card left in hand.

Game ends
The game ends when a player reaches 250 points, or whatever target set at beginning of play.

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