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BWC – Old Maid / The Star

Old Maid or The Star is accentually the same game except in Old Maid you are the LOSER if you end up with the last card, and in The Star you are the WINNER if you end up with the last card.  The game may be played with two to a dozen players, young or old.  

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to either end up with, on not end up with the last card depending on the game being played.  In Old Maid, you are trying to get rid of the Star card, and in The Star, you are trying to find and keep the Star card.

The Deal
After removing one Star card from the BWC card deck, deal one card to each player going clockwise until the cards are gone.  Some players may have more cards than others, no problem.

Once the cards are dealt, each players removes all their pairs. 
Note - Once all your cards have been removed, you are out of the game and can’t be a Loser or Winner.  Oh Well.

Then the dealer starts play by offering their hand, spread out and face down, to the player on their left. That player draws a card and if they have a pair they may remove it from their hand.  If they still have cards, they then offer their hand to player on their left.  If they don’t have any cards left, the next player with cards offers their hand to the player on their left.  This continues until you have a winner/loser.  

Game ends
The game ends when there is one player with one card.  If playing Old Maid, they are the LOSER.  If playing The Star, they are the WINNER.

Variation – At the start of the game, instead of removing one Star card, you could have someone randomly draw a card without anybody seeing it to be the Old Maid or The Star.  This way, no one knows what card to try to get rid of or try to keep.