Build word challenge instructions


Object of the Game
The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by melding words from your hand or making new words from opponents meld. 

The Deal
The first dealer will be the player drawing the lowest card from the shuffled deck.
Dealer deals each player thirteen cards if only two players, or seven cards if more than two players ,one at a time.  Non-dealer receives first card if two players, player to left of dealer receives first card if more than two players.  Once all players have their allotted cards, the next card is turned face up starting the discard pile, and the remainder of the deck is placed face down beside it.  The players then look at their cards and sort them as desired.

The first player dealt to begins by drawing from either the top of the deck or from the discard pile and adding card(s) to their hand.  If drawing from the deck, only one card is drawn.  If drawing from the discard pile, any card in the pile may be picked up. However, if the card is not the top card, all cards on top of the selected card must also be picked up and the selected card must be played in a meld before completing turn. To complete the turn, a card must be discarded.  A card drawn from the discard pile may not be discarded in same turn.  You may discard cards drawn from the discard pile from earlier turns.  

Before discarding, player melds by playing ONE word from their hand and/or stealing word(s) from opponents meld by adding letter(s) to opponent’s word(s) making new word(s) which now belong to them (stolen WORD must be part of new word example steal ‘CAR’ build ‘CARd’ or steal ‘ONE’ build ‘bONEs’). 

Hand ends
The hand ends when the deck is depleted or when any player empties their hand.

Each player adds value of their meld and subtracts value of cards remaining in their hand.  Yes, the result may be negative.

Game ends
Game ends once a player reaches 900 points or more.

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