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I KNOW, the card you drew completed your requirement.  Sorry, but you just have to wait for your next turn.

Build word challenge instructions

BWC – 56 Sticks

A little about the Game
The game is a form of rummy which anyone can have fun playing.  And for those who don’t like all the adding and subtracting in keeping score, you’re in luck, no score keeping necessary.  But you still have to be able to count to twelve to deal.  What you need to play 56 Sticks is two decks of cards if five or less players, and three decks if more than five players.  You will also need 56 Popsicle sticks to hold the hand requirements.  Write the hand requirements listed below on the sticks using a marker or pencil.  You will also need a hat or bag or something to hold the sticks for drawing, player must not know what hand requirement they are drawing.  Note – You could use slips of paper to hold the requirements, but that would make the name of the game confusing – right?

Hand requirements
1 three letter word                 
2 three letter words
3 three letter words                
1 four letter word
2 four letter words              
1 five letter word
2 five letter words                
1 six letter word
1 seven letter word                
1 three letter word and 1 four letter word
1 three letter word and 1 five letter word    
1 three letter word and 1 six letter word
1 four letter word and 1 five letter word      

Make four sticks for each hand requirement.  Except for the FREE, make one stick for each hand requirement for each level 1 – 4.    

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to turn over sticks.  To turn over a stick, player must complete the requirement on their stick.

The Deal
There will only be one dealing of the cards as we know it.  Once the cards are dealt, play is continuous until you have a Winner.  Before the selected dealer deals the cards, each player must draw a stick.  If it is a FREE, they turn it face down in front of them, and they draw again.  Once each player has a stick face up in front of them, the cards are dealt.  The selected dealer deals twelve cards to each player, turns one up to start a discard pile and places remaining cards next  to it as the draw pile.  Player left of dealer starts play.

Draw pile
During play the draw pile will become low.  When the draw pile becomes low, save the top card on discard pile as new discard pile and shuffle the remaining cards into the draw pile creating a new draw pile.  WAIT!  We have player(s) who have cards they don’t think will allow them to complete their requirement, lets allow them to discard six (no less or no more) cards before the shuffle.  They will get to draw seven cards from the draw pile and discard one on their next turn.

Player reviews their cards to see if they can complete the requirement on their stick.

If they can.    
Player lays down cards necessary to complete their requirement.        
Player turns stick face down showing completion.        
Player places cards completing their requirement at bottom of discard pile.        
Player draws cards from draw pile to get back to twelve cards.        
Player draws another stick, and play goes to next player.

If they can’t.    
Player draws a card from either the discard or draw pile.        
Player discards a card and play goes to next player.  

Game ends
Game ends once a player has turned over seven sticks.