Build word challenge instructions

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This game is another BWC word game which may be played by two to many players.  The game may be played at any level.

Object of game

The  â€‹object of the game is to get highest score building words.


Each player is dealt seven cards.  Then two cards are turned up to start play.  Remainder of cards are placed in center to be a draw pile.  Player left of dealer starts play.

During play, the draw pile may become depleted.  When this happens, the discard pile is shuffled becoming a new draw pile.


Player whose  turn it is must make a word using two or more of the face up cards and card(s) from their hand.  Player must add at least one card from their hand to face up cards when making a word.

If player makes a word.

1.  They add the value of the cards in the word to their score.  

2.  They discard the word face down on discard pile.

3.  If there is less than two cards face up, they draw and turn face up enough cards to get to two.

4.  Play goes to next player

If player cannot make a word.

1.  They draw a card from the draw pile.

2.  They turn one card face up from the draw pile.

3.  Play goes to next player. 

Going out

Going out is when a player has played all their cards.  When a player goes out, all the other players subtract the values of the cards still in hand from their current score.  

Note - A player may decide not to go out if they think their current score will not beat other players.

Game ends

The games ends when a player reaches a score of 1000, or some selected number, and that player is the winner.

The game also may end when a player goes out, and the winner is the player with the highest score.