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replaced by dealer from remaining cards.  Dealer will replace player(s) pulled card with its

opposite (consonant vs vowel).  If dealer cannot replace player(s) pulled card because required card not in remaining cards, player(s) must play hand as originally dealt.  Sorry.

1-1                         2-2                        3-3                       4-4

2-2                        3-3                        4-4                      5-5

3-3                        4-4                        5-5                      6-6

4-4                        5-5                        6-6                      7-25

5-5                        6-6                        7-25                    8-35

6-6                        7-25                      8-35                    9-45

7-25                      8-35                      9-45                  10-55



CL*SE                  5

L*SE                     4

V*SE                    4

V*CE                   4

LEF*                     4

LES*                     4

FLE*                     4

F*LE/S                 9

FEL*                     4

F*CE/S                9


AT                         2

HAT/S<- wrds      8

HURT/S                9

HUT/S                   7

RUT/S                   7

AS                          2

RAT/S                   7

US                          2

HA                         2

SHUT                    4


EWE/2<-2 wrds    6

NET/2                   6

TEE                       3

WE/4<-4 wrds     8

WEE/2                  6

WENT/4             16

WET/4                12

TEEN                    4

WEEN/2               8

TEN/2                   6



Build Word Challenge is an easy game in theory, but can be very challenging.  There are two variations of the Build Word Challenge (BWC) game.  The first is a little more involved than the second because it requires paper and pencil for each player and maybe a timer of some sort.  You play multiple hands scoring points to determine a winner.  The second is a little faster paced in most cases until you get to playing longer words. 

All a player needs to do is make words from cards containing letters dealt to them.  One of the fun things is seeing duplicate words because of duplicate letters, or plural of words because hand contains an “s”. 

The definition of a game should be determined prior to starting.  For example, if you have seven or more players, one hand could constitute a game because each player has worked with seven or more sets of letters.  The winner would be the player with the highest total number of points of all sets of letters played.   On the other hand, if you only have two to six players, you might set a points to win target of 500 or 600 points.  The winner would be the first player to reach designated points.

The game level should also be determined prior to starting.  The standard game is played with seven cards per hand.  However, the level of the game can be increased by increasing the number of letters per hand. Another variant could be limiting the size of the shortest word allowed to say three or four letters or higher especially if playing more than seven card hands. 

Make the game move along faster, and make it more difficult, by adding a time of some number of minutes to each set of letters.

​1.       Each player is dealt seven (or number decided on before start of game) cards. 
          NOTE-If a player receives all consonants or vowels and no Star card, they may pull one card to be

​          If insufficient cards to deal same amount to each player because of number of players, each
      player is dealt seven cards.  Then, dealer turns over 1 card for level 8, 2 cards for level 9 etc.. 
          This/these turned over card(s) are added to all hands.   
2.       Each player then makes as many words from their letters as they can before the time expires if a            timer is used, or when the dealer calls time if no timer is being used.   
3.       Each player passes their hand to the left and then step two is repeated.  This is done until  each              player has played all hands.
Building words
The Star card can be any letter needed to build a four or more letter word.  It may be different letterin each word.  It may not be used as a different letter using the same other letters(example, v*se/vase and v*se/vise). 

Only words found in the dictionary are allowed.  Proper names, and words requiring hyphens or apostrophes are not allowed.    

Same word may be built multiple times as long as different letter used, see sample 1. (EWE/2 same as EWE EWE making 6 points because of two Ws)

Plural of word doubles your words, see sample 2.  (HAT/S same as HAT HATS making 7 points) 

Using Star card(s), see sample 3 which has many more words than shown. 

Sample hands
W W E E T N Q                      S U Z R H T A                       L E F S * V C

You may find more words in the examples, especially sample 3, but that is the fun and educational part of the game.

7 letters                8 letters               9 letters               10 and up letters
length-points       length-points      length-points      length-points

​Note-In level 8, 1 letter words are ignored.  In level 9, 1 and 2 letter words are ignored.  In level 10 and above, 1, 2 and 3 letter words are ignored.

This variation of BWC is played by two or more players to make two teams.  The game may be played by always using a certain number of letters, or it can be played by starting with a certain number of letters and increasing the number with each hand.  

The object of the game is to be the first team to get the correct word from a group of letters supplied by the other team. 

Each team decides on a word and pulls the necessary letters from the deck and places them scrambled face down in front of the other team.  The decided on word should be written down in case it is an anagram.

Once both teams have their letters, they turn their letters face up and unscramble the letters to make the correct word first.

The winner, of course, is the team getting their word first.

Build word challenge instructions