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Introduction to Build Word Challenge Cards 

Build Word Challenge (BWC) cards should provide entertainment for young and old alike. As the BWC game or other games are played with words being a dominant part, the game(s) provide a degree of learning that most other card games do not. You learn new word(s) from other players or from visiting the dictionary to see if you can make a word from letters in your hand.

The cards may be used to play a solitaire game or other games with as many as nine players. The level of difficulty can be set making the game being played easier or more difficult.

The card deck contains sixty-four (64) cards containing all letters of the alphabet, and two star (wild) cards. There are two of each consonant and four of each vowel. The cards use four different colors allowing them to be used to play a multiple of other card games and to change the degree of difficulty of the games and to eliminate ties.

Each card in deck contains a value which is used in some games which use points in scoring. The Star card has a value also, but it is “zero” when building a word. The value of the Star card when building a word is it is allowed to be any letter needed. However, the value of the Star card is used if it is an unused card left in your hand in some games when hand/game ends.  Also, the value of Star cards which have been played in a word on the board may be used to offset value of cards remaining in hand when hand/game ends.

The cards could be used as a learning tool for young children to learn the alphabet or spelling.

Many cards games may be played using BWC cards. The degree of difficulty for the games may be controlled by selecting level at which to play the game. The level being played MUST be selected before starting any of the card games. You may need to remove Star cards depending on level you are going to play. Note - The only wild cards in any BWC card game are the Star cards when they are used.

Level 1 - Star cards not used. All letters in a word must be one color. Note – This is really difficult

               because it liminates words that contain same letter consonants.

Level 2 - Star cards used. All cards in a word must be one color.

Level 3 - Star cards not used. Letters in word need not be one color.

Level 4 - Star cards used. Cards in word need not be one color.

Note – You could add a Level 5 allowing proper names to be used.

A word is any three or more letter word found in the dictionary. No proper names unless you are playing at Level 5. To make some games more challenging, make minimum word length four or five or more. Two letter words are allowed in some games, see games documentation.

BWC cards may be used to make words in four different colors (Black Blue Red Green). Some games require a tie breaker if the same word has been played, the tie breaker is the color. The color ranking high to low is Black-Blue-Red-Green. When playing at a level which does not require the words to be all one color, then the first letter in the words color is used to break tie. If still a tie, continue through word until tie is broken.

Build word challenge instructions